Springs Road Roundabout


  • Location: Mount Barker
  • Value: $1,600,000 +
  • Period: July 2021 – December 2021
  • Client: Lanser Communities, Greenhill Engineers


AR Contracting Services completed the construction of the Springs Road and Heysen Boulevard intersection with a new roundabout and connecting roads, which involved the installation of underground services such as sewer, stormwater, water, common services, bulk earthworks, roadworks, and footpaths. The project provided a crucial connection between Mount Barker’s new residential and commercial development and the Freeway, making it an important piece of infrastructure in the area. The project was constructed to meet the Department for Infrastructure and Transport standards, ensuring high quality and safe infrastructure for the community.


Traffic management was a key aspect of the project. All underground services, the shape and elevation of the road and footpaths needed to be constructed while maintaining traffic flows, this required a considered approach and multiple staging, to ensure the safety of both the public and construction workers.