Virginia Grove – Residential Subdivision


  • Location: Virginia, SA 5120
  • Value: $7,000,000 +
  • Period: June 2018 – August 2019
  • Client: Lanser Communities, Tonkin


The Virginia Grove development was a master planned community land subdivision which includes wetlands, fitness trails and other recreational facilities.

AR Contracting Services were contracted to complete stages 5 to 8 which required installation of underground services (sewer, stormwater, water and common services), 60,000 m3 bulk earthworks, roadworks, wetlands formation and noise mounds.


One of the challenges faced during construction was the installation of sewer infrastructure as both the sewer main (depth up to 5m) and the pump station (depth up to 7m) were constructed below the high flow groundwater level. A combination of a double-sided well-point and sump pump dewatering system was utilised to tackle the groundwater during sewer installation as well as closed shoring boxes to ensure the stability of trenches and safety for workers.