Evanston South, Aspire Stage 6 – Residential Subdivision


  • Location: Evanston South, SA 5116
  • Value: $1,600,000 +
  • Period: January 2021 – July 2021
  • Client: Lanser Communities, KBR


The Evanston South subdivision was situated within the sought after Aspire Estate development just 5 minutes from the recently completed Northern Expressway.

Construction works included the installation of multiple 3600 x 1200 reinforced concrete box culverts with concrete/stone headwalls at either side under a newly built road. This was done in order to direct stormwater into a rock-lined swale drain. Works also featured gabion walls.


As the job site was located within an existing waterway the biggest challenge was to complete the scope of works prior to inclement weather arriving.