St Clair – Residential Subdivision
Stage 2, Precinct 2 and 3, and Precinct 5


  • Location: St Clair, SA 5011
  • Value: $8,000,000 +
  • Period: January 2014 – December 2016
  • Client: St Clair Joint Venture, AECOM


AR Contracting Services completed the civil works on various stages of the award-winning St Clair Development.

The scope of works for the completed stages and precincts within the development included 3,500m of roadworks, 3,200m of walkways and cycling paths, 18,000m3 of bulk earthworks under level 1 supervision, 16,000m of services (water, sewer, stormwater and common services) and under boring the wetland for a sewer main.


One of the wettest winters in South Australia was recorded in 2016 which presented a number of construction challenges. Significant replacement of the subgrade was required to satisfy CBR testing requirements, while control measures needed to be put in place to protect the sensitive wetlands adjacent to the work sites against site stormwater runoff. No harm or damage occurred to the wetlands throughout the project due to the successful implementation of the Environmental Management Plan and the project was delivered in accordance with the construction program.